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Books set in or about Orkney

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

I recently read a book about Orkney called Orkney Twilight (then its follow ups The Salt March and The Dark Isle). I loved the books, but what I loved even more is the location, the remoteness, the history, and the life.

Purely because of these books I am now planning a trip to Orkney (hopefully later this summer) with both Matt and Whisky; it’ll be a first time in Orkney for all of us.

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New Hosting

It’s been a while…

I recently noticed that my blog wasn’t even correctly resolving, which was embarrassing to say the least. Which has happened ever since I tried to move the AWS instance to a smaller type.

Instead of working out what is wrong with the old instance I decided instead to try out the new AWS Lightsail service which, seems to, have been designed for the WordPress blog scenario.

It was super quick, an hour, if you count writing this blog post. If you want to do something similar the following articles were really helpful.

Data Scientists: if you watch one thing this week make it this

Sorry for the click-bait title, but this week’s episode of ‘The Good Wife’ should be unmissable for anyone working in data science.

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Chickpea and Cranberries: Mid-afternoon snack

This probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing snack, but I eat this for my mid-afternoon snack almost every weekday! It’s really easy to put together, is both savoury and slightly sweet, healthy and will make sure I don’t die of starvation before dinner.

Chickpea and Cranberries

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First 5km run in under 30 minutes

Today was a fitness milestone for me, and I am so proud, I just had to share. Today I ran 5km in under 30 minutes!

My first 5km run in under 30 minutes

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Welcome to!

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Vegetarian Haggis – Burns’ Night 2016

While Matt and I don’t normally do Burns’ night, I saw Vegetarian Haggis on special in the supermarket and thought – why not?!

Vegetarian Haggis with turnip and potato mash and carrots

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Bringing my blog back from the dead

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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Low-Fat Clean Oat Pancakes

I have been making pancakes for breakfast now for months, initially just on weekend mornings after a long run, but now I make them for weekday mornings too.

Low-fat Clean Oat Pancakes

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Courgette and Mushroom Quinoa Salad

This week I needed to mix up my weekday lunches. Instead of relying on Tuna or Chicken to bulk out my salad, I tried adding more veggies and a little feta cheese.

This Courgette (or Zucchini, if you prefer) and Mushroom quinoa salad is quick to make, and is great as both a cold or warm salad – which is useful when the weather jumps between snow and warm spring days regularly. Although I loved both, it was particularly great when warm as the feta cheese melts.

Courgette and Mushroom Quinoa Salad

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