Finding a female mentor in tech can be difficult and over the years I have mentored a number of girls and women: primary students, university students, Amazon employees and informally many more.

I look for mentees who are (or aim to be) female-identifying software engineers or those in early stage software development management. I love to coach on leadership, working within and across teams, professional growth, business/product thinking, agile processes and many other things.

However those looking for language specific or with coding challenges, are better with a different mentor – as this is no longer part of my day-to-day role.

I am willing to mentor women interested or actively engaged in careers in technology based in Edinburgh, UK in-person and across the world remotely. Both as a one-off session or those who may want a more long-term relationship.

If you would like to discuss mentoring opportunities with me please email me on lauren(at)laurengemmell(dot)com. Or reach out to me on Linkedin.