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Month: February 2012

Improve Your Food Blog: Eating your own dog food

Do you eat your own dog food?

Don’t worry, I am not about to suggest that cracking open a tin of dog food is in any way going to help you help you find an audience and keep them.

Lord Baxington

However in the software industry the term “eating your own dogfood” may well have just that effect.

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Chicken Orzo Risotto

It’s weird the way naming conventions in food work, isn’t it?

Orzo is a type of pasta, it’s small, and sort of rice shaped – like a pine nut. One of the best things about Orzo is that like rice you can use it to make a very fast risotto type dish, called an Orzotto.

Chicken Orzotto (Pasta)

In Italian orzo means barley, so back in 2010 when I made a risotto using pearl barley, it too was called orzotto. While pearl barley cooks into a delicious risotto dish, you can’t say it’s fast. It takes longer to cook pearl barley than it does to cook rice.

Risotto is a firm favourite in our household, but the rice version takes a bit long for a week night meal. This is where Orzo (pasta) steps in.

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The New New Year Resolution

January is typically the time of year where you make heaps of resolutions. But now we are into February, how many have you kept?

Like most people I wanted to start to eat healthier and work out more. At both of these I failed miserably.

Kohlrabi and Corn Salad
No salads eaten…

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