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Month: May 2010

Bacon and Broccoli Pizza – Fresh from the Oven

This month I am hosting the Fresh from the Oven challenge! As you probably know, or can guess, Fresh from the Oven is a monthly bread baking group, where we have tried everything from Croissants to chocolate buns to no-knead bread.

So why oh why out of all the breads I could have chosen did I go for pizza?

Pizza Napoletana topped with Broccoli and Bacon

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Pea and Bacon Risotto

Pea and Bacon Risotto

I have been thinking about making a pea risotto for a while, bright white rice studded with vivid green peas. As you can see however it didn’t quite work out as I intended…

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Grilled Trout and Roasted Tomato Pasta

Grilled Trout, tomatoes and pasta

Who here actually eats the amount of fish you are supposed to? I know I don’t and when I do I am stuck in the Salmon, Tuna and Cod rut.

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Vegetable Rogan Josh

My once monthly lonely Indian Curry night strikes again with another, even if I do say so myself, fantabulous vegetarian curry. Last month I finally made this wonderful Beetroot Curry, this month I turn to a vegetarian version of this Lamb Rogan Josh from Them Apples.

Turkey, Lemon and Thyme Burgers

It might be the start of grilling season in some parts of the world, but here despite the sunshine it’s still darn cold. This is why this recipe for burgers came to my attention – you bake them, then pan fry them to crisp up the outside. So if like me you are still too chicken to get out the barbecue – these burgers are for you.

Asparagus Salad

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Some things you just don’t want to muck around with too much. When you have wonderful, fresh, local, seasonal produce there isn’t a lot you need to do.

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