I started this blog in April 2009, as something to do, I had recently got into cooking and baking, in an attempt to lower my cholesterol. In December 2014 I found the Tone It Up community and I made the switch to working out every day and completely changed how I eat. These days I am less obsessive on the fitness and healthy eating and am all about balance.

For fitness I generally follow the challenges or the weight training guides by Lauren Gleisberg.

Originally this blog was anonymous, nobody (bar Matt) knew that I had a blog. Or why I was baking more, or why I had a strange obsession with taking photographs of food. Eventually being anonymous had it’s draw backs and Matt outed my blog on twitter. (With my permission – of course).

Outside the protective cocoon of being an almost-anonymous food blogger, I am Lauren Gemmell. A 32 year old with a full time software management job here in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a wonderful husband, Matt, affectionally mentioned as The Other Half. Yes we did finally get married. You can see my blog post on our wedding here. In 2017 we extended our family with a beautiful Labradoodle named Whisky.


I hope you enjoy the posts here, always feel free to drop me a comment, with ideas to improve recipes, or other recipes you think I might like. I am always open to new ideas.

You can also email me at lauren(at)laurengemmell(dot)com.