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Bacon and Broccoli Pizza – Fresh from the Oven

This month I am hosting the Fresh from the Oven challenge! As you probably know, or can guess, Fresh from the Oven is a monthly bread baking group, where we have tried everything from Croissants to chocolate buns to no-knead bread.

So why oh why out of all the breads I could have chosen did I go for pizza?

Pizza Napoletana topped with Broccoli and Bacon

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No Knead Bread – Fresh from the Oven

Wow I am really not getting any better at the Fresh from the Oven challenge, am I? I wake up on reveal day (at noon, guess I am still getting over the jetlag) having had the intention of getting up and having the bread in the oven by that time.

This months challenge was brought to us from Claire at Things We Make. She chose a No Knead bread, which is cooked in a Dutch Oven, so in my case my new Le Creuset Casserole dish.

No Knead Wholewheat Boule

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Chocolate Buns : Fresh from the Oven

In true Coffee Muffins style I yet again forgot about the posting date for the Fresh from the Oven challenge. However at least this time I remembered to make it before deadline day! This months challenge was hosted by Chele.

Chocolate Bun

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White Tin Loaf – Fresh from the Oven

Everything had been going so well this month, I had been posting regularly with some seasonal recipes. I got my Daring Cooks post up on time, made mincemeat and all manner of other interesting recipes that I have yet to share with you all.

However November has suddenly vanished from underneath me. I missed the Daring Bakers deadline yesterday, and have no time (nor any real wish) to make the Cannoli next week. I am off work for three days next week and have barely planned anything to do. More importantly however at the start of November I signed up for the Fresh from the oven Challenge, posts are meant to go up today. Have I started? Barely. My plan is to update this post during the day as I finish off my challenge bread.

Update: I have now finished my loaf, but you can read my updated commentary below.

White Tin Loaf

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