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Cauliflower Curry

I had to admit I was pretty surprised to see that I have never blogged a Cauliflower Curry before.

I have taken pictures before, I have folders and folders of them on my Mac, but I guess it just seems too simple to post. Let’s face it, Cauliflower is never going to be the sexiest vegetable.

However if you have a huge cauliflower and a husband that dislikes Cauliflower cheese, then maybe this recipe will also be helpful for you too!

Veggies for Cauliflower Curry

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Vegetable Rogan Josh

My once monthly lonely Indian Curry night strikes again with another, even if I do say so myself, fantabulous vegetarian curry. Last month I finally made this wonderful Beetroot Curry, this month I turn to a vegetarian version of this Lamb Rogan Josh from Them Apples.

Celeriac Mash

This week posts may be few and far between, I am on holiday! No this isn’t a pre-recorded message, but I have found myself with enough free time to pull this recipe from my “To Be Blogged” pile.

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