At home, at work and in restaurants (when available) I always drink filter coffee. We have this filter coffee machine at home, and during the weekend it’s not unusual to have it on three times a day.

However as much as I like a good cup of filter coffee sometimes you need something a little stronger, either to wake you up or in baking.

Stovetop Espresso Puro Coffee

As a Christmas present I received this Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker and I finally got round to using it to make espresso for a Chocolate and Coffee Brownie recipe.

Stovetop Espresso Bialetti Parts

To make stovetop coffee actually seems like quite a dangerous process, as I got splashed with super hot coffee in the process of trying to take pictures! Such are the trials and tribulations of being a food blogger 🙂

First you fill the main bottom compartment with water to just below the valve. Then place the funnel or basket inside. Add finely ground espresso coffee to the basket section – gently packing it down to get a stronger coffee.

Stovetop Espresso Adding Coffee

You then screw the bottom section into the top section and leave the lid open. Under a low flame heat the water slowly to boil. When it starts spluttering close the lid.

Stovetop Espresso Making Coffee

If you get bored and heat it too quickly then it splutters in quite a dangerous way.

Stovetop Espresso Making Coffee

So don’t do that! Keep it on the lowest flame setting and be patient.

When it’s finished (it could take as long as 5 minutes) it should look something like this. Leave it for a couple of minutes before pouring.

Stovetop Espresso Coffee

I mainly made this espresso to try out the maker and use it in baking. Although I did try the coffee I found the espresso style pretty strong and I much preferred the Puro coffee made through a filter coffee machine.

I used this helpful video when making Stove-top coffee.

For making this espresso I used Puro fairtrade pre-ground coffee. You can find out more about Puro fairtrade coffee on their website. Or watch this video about how buying fairtrade coffee helps the growers and the rainforest. Disclaimer: I received my first batch of Puro coffee for free from the company.

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