I think when you hit 100 posts, it’s time to really admit to yourself “You are a food blogger”. You don’t get to one hundred without truly enjoying the whole process of making, photographing and writing.

Back in March when I started this blog, I didn’t know very much, it’s been a steep but enjoyable learning curve. Back then I had never baked a loaf of bread, I didn’t know what to do with a Kohlrabi and I didn’t even now there was any difference between a macaroon and a macaron, let alone about feet!

Pistachio Macarons

I’ve learnt a lot but the thing that truly makes me happy is that there is always more to learn. Whether it is on the more technical side of how to make my blog get along with search engines, or trying to take good photos in terrible light conditions.

The one thing that saddens me a little is the blog posts that don’t get as much love as you’d hope. I have a number of posts that perhaps get more traffic than they deserve, but the posts that I am the proudest of are the ones where I have made something a little different. Here are the three recipes I have been the most proud of in the last few weeks:

Sweet Beet Soup, this is an amazingly light soup, almost certainly great for those on a diet. It’s got a touch of earthy sweetness from the beetroot and sweet potato.

Slow Baked Steak, is wonderful way to cook steak, as it turns out so tender and moist. It doesn’t taste like steak cooked on the grill, as it just melts in the mouth, which is different but oh-so-good.

Neeps and Tatties, this is a traditional Scottish side, in fact it would go great with the Slow Baked Steak above! A mixture of mashed potato and turnip, it is extremely simple but delicious.

One of the great things about food blogging is that its changing all the time – with the seasons. There is a natural alteration in what is available, and what I receive in my organic food box. It means that there are always new ideas and recipes and new pairings to discover. Over the next 100 posts I plan to:

  • To start making preserves, jams and chutneys. All the food magazines are talking about making marmalades – but I’ve never really liked marmalade, so I might need to wait until more fruit is in season!
  • Make more fish dishes, there are so many wonderful fish recipes that I have yet to try, because fish is just that bit more complicated to buy than chicken!
  • Continue to try new things.
  • Post more often, hopefully the next 100 posts will come faster than the previous 100!

Here’s to the next one hundred Coffee Muffins posts!