A couple of weeks ago I was out at a bar in Edinburgh called the Villager on George IV bridge. I don’t really do reviews on this blog, but I did have a really great night, and table service for drinks in Edinburgh is almost unheard of (at least in the places I normally drink).

Gin & Tonic with Elderflower Cordial

Being the sensible sort of girl that I am I didn’t go for any of the sharing scorpian bowls of overproof rum set on fire. They were all out of scorpian bowls when we ordered…

I went for the much classier sounding Bombay & Elderflower, a mixture of gin, soda and elderflower cordial. I have been thinking about it on and off ever since.

As the sun was setting tonight, on what has been a reasonably warm and extremely busy day, I felt the need to kick off my shoes and relax on the sofa with a cool G&T.

I used 1 shot of Gin (Bombay Saphire), 1 shot of Elderflower cordial and topped up with slimline tonic water.

The only thing that could of made it better? A slice of lime…